Friday, 14 December 2012


You will not go very far in your quest for outstanding success, if you keep feeding some unhealthy habits. That is not negative statement. I really want you to achieve what you have set out to achieve in life. I really believe you are qualified for a life of fulfillment and success. I really believe that you have the potentials to wow yourself and your generation.

However, I believe you will likely not achieve your purpose if you keep nurturing some unhealthy habits that can hamper your success. You must as a matter of urgency, track down every unhealthy habits that you have been building all these years. Look inside you and see whether those habits are really contributing positively to your growth and success.

In order to go forward in life, you have to let go of every unhealthy habit. You know these habits. And it's only you that can stop them from destroying your future. They can range from being a burger-maniac to a chain-smoker. No matter what it is, this is the time to break away from such unhealthy habit and go on to become the best you can be. Till I come your way very soon, please don't let unhealthy habit stop your progress.

Be encouraged.



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