Saturday, 2 March 2013


If you are one of those that are out to become a success in their generation, I want to congratulate you and also to inform you that you will experience some failure before you become a success. Now I know this sounds negative, but it's actually true. Failure is inevitable as long as we are planning to succeed. No one ever plans to fail, however, everyone fails at one point or another in his journey to become the best he can be. I have personally recorded some failures all through my life. Some of my dreams did not materialize. Some of my hopes were dashed. I have encountered lots of disappointments. I have failed severally. But the reason why I am still in pursuit of my purpose today is because I never allowed failures to stop me, instead I learned lessons from failing and used the lessons to turn failures around into success.

And this is the heart of today's encouragement. You must learn how to turn your mess into message. You must stop crying over what you cannot change. It may be okay to accept defeat, but you are required to go beyond accepting defeat. You must arise from where you have fallen and continue heading towards your goal. Time has not run out of you. I want you to understand today that you can write a book about how you failed and the lessons you learned from your failures. You can speak about your bouncing back and lives will be blessed.

I want you to know dear friend that every great man you know passed through this lonely path of failure and disappointments. It was Henry Ford who said, "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." I agree. And I stand today on this timeless quote to encourage you to begin again more intelligently. Tidy up your life. Recalculate your risks. Plan the next line of action. By all means, begin again more intelligently. Use the message you gleaned from your mess to bless your generation. Till I come your way very soon, I want you to see your failure as a stepping stone to a greater height.

Be encouraged!



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