Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I bet that you know him or you have heard about him or read any of his books. He is the author of two classics that have touched millions of lives world wide. Pastor Rick Warren is the author of 'The Purpose-Driven Life' and 'The Purpose-Driven Church.' This dear Pastor is on the news. And the news is heart-rending. The 27 years old son of Pastor Rick, Matthew Warren committed suicide on 6th April 2013. Matthew Warren had struggled with mental illness and deep depression throughout his life. Over the years, Matthew Warren had been treated by America's best doctors, had received counseling and medication and been the recipient of numerous prayers from others, but the mental illness persisted and eventually caused him to take his life on Friday 6th April, 2013.

Friends, life can be challenging some times. We may not always get what we expect out of life. We may sometime feel abandoned and rejected by God. As we sojourn in this life, we will actually encounter all kinds of circumstances and some of these circumstances will be beyond our control. Over the years, God's people have passed through all kinds of valleys of shadow of death, and many have asked God, 'why do you allow the righteous to suffer?' The question, 'why do good people suffer?' is as old as human. Many have labeled God a weakling who cannot help and deliver those that serve Him. For the past 27 years, Pastor Rick and family may have faced mockery from non-believers because of the mental illness of their son. Where was God all those 27 years when this precious son of His servant was going through mental torture? He was on His throne. And I can confirm that He loves Rick and family more than we may imagine. But why didn't He deliver the poor boy? I don't know.

Friends, my encouragement to us today is to hold on to God and never allow hope to fail. He knows what He's doing with our lives. He cannot jeopardize us. He will not leave us stranded and frustrated. Let our faith be renewed. No matter what we are passing through right now, let's cling at His feet and look up to Him for mercy. I can almost feel what you are passing through right now, but I want you never to give up on God. Trust Him more. Don't allow circumstances to destroy your trust. Choose always to win.

A young girl sent me a message this afternoon asking me to advice her on what to do? According to her she said she is tired of life. I was touched. I didn't tell her much, but I seriously advised her never to give up on God.

I feel like taking a moment to pray for you right now. And I pray that the God of all mercies, the Lover of your soul, will make you strong. I pray you will keep holding unto Him even as He leads you through the puzzles of this life. May your faith not fail. May your hope not get blurred. I pray that you will come out strong. And may the blessings of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you now and always. Amen.



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