Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I bet that you know him or you have heard about him or read any of his books. He is the author of two classics that have touched millions of lives world wide. Pastor Rick Warren is the author of 'The Purpose-Driven Life' and 'The Purpose-Driven Church.' This dear Pastor is on the news. And the news is heart-rending. The 27 years old son of Pastor Rick, Matthew Warren committed suicide on 6th April 2013. Matthew Warren had struggled with mental illness and deep depression throughout his life. Over the years, Matthew Warren had been treated by America's best doctors, had received counseling and medication and been the recipient of numerous prayers from others, but the mental illness persisted and eventually caused him to take his life on Friday 6th April, 2013.

Friends, life can be challenging some times. We may not always get what we expect out of life. We may sometime feel abandoned and rejected by God. As we sojourn in this life, we will actually encounter all kinds of circumstances and some of these circumstances will be beyond our control. Over the years, God's people have passed through all kinds of valleys of shadow of death, and many have asked God, 'why do you allow the righteous to suffer?' The question, 'why do good people suffer?' is as old as human. Many have labeled God a weakling who cannot help and deliver those that serve Him. For the past 27 years, Pastor Rick and family may have faced mockery from non-believers because of the mental illness of their son. Where was God all those 27 years when this precious son of His servant was going through mental torture? He was on His throne. And I can confirm that He loves Rick and family more than we may imagine. But why didn't He deliver the poor boy? I don't know.

Friends, my encouragement to us today is to hold on to God and never allow hope to fail. He knows what He's doing with our lives. He cannot jeopardize us. He will not leave us stranded and frustrated. Let our faith be renewed. No matter what we are passing through right now, let's cling at His feet and look up to Him for mercy. I can almost feel what you are passing through right now, but I want you never to give up on God. Trust Him more. Don't allow circumstances to destroy your trust. Choose always to win.

A young girl sent me a message this afternoon asking me to advice her on what to do? According to her she said she is tired of life. I was touched. I didn't tell her much, but I seriously advised her never to give up on God.

I feel like taking a moment to pray for you right now. And I pray that the God of all mercies, the Lover of your soul, will make you strong. I pray you will keep holding unto Him even as He leads you through the puzzles of this life. May your faith not fail. May your hope not get blurred. I pray that you will come out strong. And may the blessings of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you now and always. Amen.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


you are discharged and acquitted
I read on Vanguard website yesterday that President Goodluck Jonathan has granted State Pardon to certain Nigerians who were prosecuted, convicted and sentenced. I began to think. I am not concern about the moral justification of this State pardon for now. What really caught my attention is the constitutional powers vested on the President to grant state pardon. As I read the Constitution of Section 175, sub-section 1, 2 and 3, I shed some tears (I am sorry, but some things can make me shed small small tears). I read out loud the powers the President commands in terms of granting a state pardon to a convicted offender. I am aware that Late President Yaradua granted Niger Delta militants an amnesty and all over the world, presidents and governors are constitutionally empowered to grant certain pardons to offenders.

I don't actually know why this got me thinking. Maybe there is something I need to learn at this point. The President has the power to stay execution of any condemned criminal. He has the power to substitute a severe form of punishment with a less severe form punishment. He has power to actually revoke judgement on any person by any court. I read some reactions of several persons and groups about this action of the president. Some actually condemned it, while some welcomed it.

When I remember how the Lord Jesus Christ declared me righteous, I am always overtaken by emotions. He discharged and acquitted me. He pardoned me without keeping records of my past. He wiped my slate clean. He gave me a blank canvas to build upon. He gave me the opportunity to bounce back. He restored me to a state of righteousness as if I never committed any offense before. This is the beauty of new creation. This is the beauty of grace.

As humans, we may not actually understand fully the full import of the grace of God. We may try to quarrel with God why He should pardon a certain wretched sinner. We may be tempted to raise several questions to God. We may try to see Him as a partial God. But is God partial? Not at all.

I should not have been forgiven. I should not have received His mercies and grace. I should have been left to pay for my salvation through a severe suffering. But grace actually said otherwise. He graciously said to me, "You are pardoned" This is the sweetness and preciousness of the grace of God.

What does this mean? Should I continue living a carefree and careless life because His grace is always available? Should I keep messing up my life because He will grant me pardon? Should I trifle with the grace of God? God forbid!

Friends, I want you to understand that if you have trusted God for mercy, He has actually granted you mercy. If you have run to Him for grace, I want you to know that He has embraced you with His arms of grace. He has powers more than President Goodluck Jonathan. He forgives you and gives you peace of mind. Goodluck Jonathan may have granted state pardon to Mr. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, BUT HE CANNOT GRANT him PEACE OF MIND.

If you have received His pardon and peace, don't let the devil steal it. Don't try to live in the past again.
Till I come your way again, I beg you today to face your future in the grace of God. Make up your mind never to toy with this grace.

Be Encouraged!

Friday, 8 March 2013


I stumbled on this picture and it got me thinking.
It made me to again appreciate the grace of God upon womanhood even as we celebrate the 2013 International Women's Day. I can vividly see God's precious mercies as this seed of greatness transitioned from one stage to another. This transition continues until she returns back to the stage of her own mother. God is indeed faithful.

When He sent her into the world, the very second she cried in that labour room, it will not be the last she will cry inside there. She will make a come-back. As she grows up, a lot of challenges are set before her.
The day she was born, may be as the fourth female child, the dad that hoped to get a boy this time, was not happy about the arrival of this baby girl whose destiny is still unknown. Whose destiny may surpass that of Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany.

As a small young beautiful baby girl, she may be molested sexually by her male sibling, housemaid or one immoral and pedophile cousin or uncle. She may be raped as she went out to fetch water. As she enters puberty stage, street boys will start teasing her and finding her attractive because of the breasts that are developing. She will start getting attention from every dick and harry. She will face pressures from her friends in school telling her to have pleasure that this is her time. She will always see herself between two opinions: to face her future with purpose
or to fall into the sugary trap of some boy. She is actually facing all kinds of things. She will be sexually harassed by her lecturers and boss. She will be treated as second class human being by some men with it's-a-man's-world mentality. She will face discrimination in government and places of work. She will be advised that some career is only meant for men.

Oh woman!
There are challenges out there she must face and overcome. As she hits certain stage, she will get all kinds of marriage suitors. She may experience a heart brake. When she finally gets married, she may be hated by her husband and his family for two years delay in conception. Even if she is not the problem, they will still be pointing at her. She will face the challenges of perfectly satisfying for husband, and sometimes may be worried whether he's cheating on her. She gets pregnant, and faces nine months of fever, weaknesses, ante-natal and other pregnancy stuff. She enters the labour room the second time, and cried again. She is delivered of a bouncing baby girl, but her mother-in-law is not totally happy. She wants a baby boy. She spends time nurturing and caring for the baby. She will wake up in the middle of the night to breast-feed the baby. She will later go back to the labour room for about three more times and still cry again and again. She will wake up early to prepare breakfast for the family. She becomes old and a grand-mother, but the son neglects her because of one sugar mummy.

My dear, my prayer for you today is that the Almighty God, upon whose errand and purpose you came into this world, will see you through and make you an exceptional woman. I pray that you will not miss out on God's will for your life. I pray that every wound in your heart will be healed. I pray that you will live beyond your past and face your future in God's precious grace. I pray that you will be a sharp threshing instrument in His hand and be used by Him to raise your children for His glory. I pray that you will find strength and courage today. I pray that your stages of life will not be riddled with pains and regrets. I pray that you will experience fully the joy of been a woman. You will have good husband. You will raise godly seeds. You will enjoy the fruits of your labour. May this comfort and strengthen your heart today. Till I come your way very soon, I want you to thank God that you are a woman and please keep on living out His purpose for making you a woman.

Be encouraged!