Friday, 1 March 2013


We live in a world where several things are posing as a threat to our success. The adage that says 'the world is not a playground but a battle ground' is true. We have always wanted to advance our lives in the right and better direction. We face always moments of decision. We actually want to see some changes in some areas of our lives. We really want to go beyond the ordinary and become our highest best. We actually will like to make impact and be celebrated by our generation. We have always wanted to climb a higher level in life.

However, in all these cases, we have come to know that there is always one or two steps needed to take in order to stand out from the crowd. Taking a step, a landmark step in a world filled with challenges and negativity, could be a daunting task. But if one must achieve the purpose of God for his life, taking certain steps is inevitable. Every great man or woman who ever lived or is living today took a giant step at one time or the other in his or her life's journey. If we continue to imagine what people would say when we take certain steps, then we may end up not becoming our true self.

My encouragement today is for you my dear friend to take that necessary step you must take in order to achieve your assignment. You are certainly here for an assignment. You are on a mission. You are not just existing and beating the air. You are loaded with great potentials to be a blessing to your generation. You must therefore arise and become yourself. Take that step. Go take that exam. Read that book. Attend that seminar. Make that call. Learn that skill. Break that habit. This is both an encouragement and a challenge to you today. Till I come your way very soon, please courageously take every necessary step to accomplish your goal.

Be encouraged.



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