Friday, 8 March 2013


I stumbled on this picture and it got me thinking.
It made me to again appreciate the grace of God upon womanhood even as we celebrate the 2013 International Women's Day. I can vividly see God's precious mercies as this seed of greatness transitioned from one stage to another. This transition continues until she returns back to the stage of her own mother. God is indeed faithful.

When He sent her into the world, the very second she cried in that labour room, it will not be the last she will cry inside there. She will make a come-back. As she grows up, a lot of challenges are set before her.
The day she was born, may be as the fourth female child, the dad that hoped to get a boy this time, was not happy about the arrival of this baby girl whose destiny is still unknown. Whose destiny may surpass that of Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany.

As a small young beautiful baby girl, she may be molested sexually by her male sibling, housemaid or one immoral and pedophile cousin or uncle. She may be raped as she went out to fetch water. As she enters puberty stage, street boys will start teasing her and finding her attractive because of the breasts that are developing. She will start getting attention from every dick and harry. She will face pressures from her friends in school telling her to have pleasure that this is her time. She will always see herself between two opinions: to face her future with purpose
or to fall into the sugary trap of some boy. She is actually facing all kinds of things. She will be sexually harassed by her lecturers and boss. She will be treated as second class human being by some men with it's-a-man's-world mentality. She will face discrimination in government and places of work. She will be advised that some career is only meant for men.

Oh woman!
There are challenges out there she must face and overcome. As she hits certain stage, she will get all kinds of marriage suitors. She may experience a heart brake. When she finally gets married, she may be hated by her husband and his family for two years delay in conception. Even if she is not the problem, they will still be pointing at her. She will face the challenges of perfectly satisfying for husband, and sometimes may be worried whether he's cheating on her. She gets pregnant, and faces nine months of fever, weaknesses, ante-natal and other pregnancy stuff. She enters the labour room the second time, and cried again. She is delivered of a bouncing baby girl, but her mother-in-law is not totally happy. She wants a baby boy. She spends time nurturing and caring for the baby. She will wake up in the middle of the night to breast-feed the baby. She will later go back to the labour room for about three more times and still cry again and again. She will wake up early to prepare breakfast for the family. She becomes old and a grand-mother, but the son neglects her because of one sugar mummy.

My dear, my prayer for you today is that the Almighty God, upon whose errand and purpose you came into this world, will see you through and make you an exceptional woman. I pray that you will not miss out on God's will for your life. I pray that every wound in your heart will be healed. I pray that you will live beyond your past and face your future in God's precious grace. I pray that you will be a sharp threshing instrument in His hand and be used by Him to raise your children for His glory. I pray that you will find strength and courage today. I pray that your stages of life will not be riddled with pains and regrets. I pray that you will experience fully the joy of been a woman. You will have good husband. You will raise godly seeds. You will enjoy the fruits of your labour. May this comfort and strengthen your heart today. Till I come your way very soon, I want you to thank God that you are a woman and please keep on living out His purpose for making you a woman.

Be encouraged!



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