Saturday, 8 December 2012

Go On!

I will go on. This is what you must say if you must disappoint failure. I agree that you have been through a lot of things that almost crushed you. But I want you to know that they didn't actually crush you. They almost. That means, you are still here. You still have a today. You still have a future. You still have a chance to move on. Please gather as many pieces of your life as you can, and go on to become the best you can be.

You have not lost everything. You have not reached point of no return. With that little oil remaining, please forge ahead. I want you to look up and see a great future that lies ahead of you. Take control of you destiny and shine even at this darkest period of your journey.

There is grace available for you to go on. Why will you settle for less? Why will you settle for self-pity? Why will you refuse to forgive yourself? I encourage you today to go on with your life. You must not allow your past to nail you down. Till I come your way very soon, please keep on moving on to the bright future ahead of you.

Be encouraged!



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