Saturday, 8 December 2012

Seeing Beyond Now

Seeing beyond now should be part of your life, if you must make your mark in life. Two marketing managers were sent to a place to see if their foot-wear manufacturing company will have a market there. On reaching the place, they found out that the people don't wear foot-wears. Everybody was going bare-footed.

One tweeted, 'No market here. They don't wear foot-wears.' The other tweeted, 'Plenty of opportunities here. They don't wear foot-wears.'

From the exact same situation, you can be frustrated or you can be inspired. Choose to be inspired. You can see the situation as a problem, or you can see it as an opportunity. Make the choice to look at it as an opportunity, and the opportunity will indeed be valuable.

Please don't let what you see now discourage you from becoming your best. Don't allow your vision to be blurred. Refuse to be confused by the immediate challenges you are currently facing. Your future is certainly bigger than your present. Face today's challenges with the joy of tomorrow's victory. Keep on seeing opportunities. Keep on seeing the possibilities. Keep on seeing the positive sides. Keep on looking for the answers. Till I come your way very soon, please keep on seeing beyond now.

Be encouraged!



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